I should write a song about you robyn

It all becomes empty and meaningless. A year ago--well, days ago-- Kurt Cobain was still alive, Todd was living at home, Alyssa wasn't in a band and none of us knew who Ken was. The recording studio is the place where you will record your Number One hit single.

I'll spare you the rest of that sentence, for it reflects the mind of an overworked 22 year old writing in his private journal. Opening for Robyn on this night was The Jody Grind.

2017: The year of the Hitchcock (Robyn)

In doing this rap has lost some of its slow, mean and cool strut feel. If someone that night gathered up Robyn, Henning and me in a room and said, "in the yearyou three will be photographed playing music together in a small club a few yards from where we are now. Under what might seem their confident exterior will be lurking a severe paranoia that they will be found out for what they are, a charlatan with a series of lucky breaks.

All that is happening is that the new young, waving fields of corn are allowed to grow full and ripe before a very strange combined harvester will come along and pick the few lucky ears of corn while the rest of the field cheer, whither and die.

The VMA performers get top billing in the clip, but if you're like us, you were probably blown away by the gigantic guitars on the teaser's soundtrack. He will have been through the mill, r idden the rough ride, seen spotty oiks come into his studio hardly able to roll their own and, within what seems a matter of months, become internationally reknowned and respected musicians whose opinions are eagerly sought on anything from the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forests to the continued subsidy of the local bus service, whilst developing an unhealthy appetite for cocaine.


There is no lost chord. These owners are usually very enthusiastic and encouraging types who have a long, broad and deep love of all things musical; often they have been musicians themselves but have decided to knock their days on the road on the head and get into what they hoped would be the more lucrative and stable business of owning a studio.

The Knife had released both of their albums plus a handful of singles on Rabid. Just remember that they in reality will have very little genuine idea of how they arrived at their success or what they should be doing next in their career to prevent it from crashing to the ground.

If something goes wrong remember you are the only one who is ultimately responsible. Heavy acid sessions the exception. They cancel each other out. No extra notes to the scale or hidden beats to the bar.

Robyn - 'With Every Heartbeat'

When this starts happening a paranoia begins creeping in telling you modern society is geared to working against the individual and YOU in particular.

Pop music is the worst example of this. The simplest classification given to studios is the amount of tracks their tape machines have.

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Rihanna does co-write quiet a few of her own songs. Loads of people don't think she does because when they look for the writer of the song they look for "Rihanna" when in fact they should look for "Robyn Fenty" due to the fact this is her real name. Intriguing pieces like "The Yip Song," "Dark Green Energy," and "She Doesn't Exist" confirm that Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians possess a unique imagination as well as an adept spiritedness, which should have led to wider attention.

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Silly female, you can only sing about abortion if you're a man. Songs I Never Realized Were About Abortion Until Someone Explained Them To Me If you close your eyes and think about it, that song sounds like Weird Al gone way dark.

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The Reading Robyn is a vocal supporter of local organizations that spread the love of reading including, the Harry Potter Alliance, the Okanagan Regional Library, Project Literacy, Room to Read, Vancouver International Writers Festival and Decoda Literacy Solutions.

Robyn sought out the electronic duo, comprised of siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer, and the result of their collaboration was the song ‘Who’s That Girl’. Over buzzing, juddering synths and spurts of percussion, it is still Robyn’s voice which structures ‘Who’s That Girl’.

I should write a song about you robyn
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Behind the Song: Robyn - 'Be Mine!'