P10 b pork barrel scam a reflection

Many still believe the canards hurled against President Arroyo in in a propaganda drive to trigger a fake People Power revolt, even if none has been proven so far, even after the Aquino government has left no stone unturned looking for evidence.

The items procured were supposed to benefit the residents of the municipalities of Pantukan, Nabunturan, Tambongon, Bongabong, Napnapan, Mipangi, Anislagan and Magsaysay in the Compostela Valley province.

Whistleblower in PB pork barrel 'scam' accepts govt protection offer Published Kung may ebidensya, titingnan ang ebidensya. P10 b pork barrel scam a reflection detention De Lima also said the dismissal of a separate case of illegal detention earlier filed by Luy against Napoles would not affect the ongoing NBI probe on the fund scam.

Whistleblower in P10-B pork barrel 'scam' accepts govt protection offer

May nabasa nga akong na parang pinapa-inhibit ang NBI," she said. Treasurer of the Philippines, et al. People have very long memories with regards to corruption allegations. It would therefore be almost impossible to monitor all private entities seeking to create schemes or mechanisms to misuse such funds when a single person need just to acquiesce to such a dastardly objective for their schemes to bear fruit.

There are many legislators most people and I know are so unscrupulous who I do not have the shadow of a doubt enriched themselves through the pork-barrel system. There are the demands of a populace and a culmination of fomented public clamor.

Whistle-blower of P10-B pork barrel scam faces arrest

IX DSec. Greco Antonious Beda B. Luy claimed that Napoles detained him in their apartment in Taguig City after learning that he was planning on setting up a business to compete with Napoles'. Are they afraid of being grilled on their allegations.

The present implementation of the PDAF in the GAA of could not and does not pass the constitutional test of sufficiency of legal safeguards towards public accountability.

The answers to both questions are in the negative. Pina- reinforce ko na rin ng more lawyer-investigators and meron na ring lawyer-investigators from the NBI Anti-Fraud Division," she said. Letter to PNoy Lacierda likewise downplayed the impact to the ongoing probe of a letter supposedly written by Napoles to President Benigno Aquino III where she denied links in the alleged scam.

Meanwhile, Marcos and Revilla said the issue may be linked to the elections. He said he has not yet spoken to the three since they already returned to their home provinces in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Then it is the Ombudsman ordering her own investigation. Sitting with her legs crossed and her hands on her lap, the white-clad Napoles appeared calm.

He insisted that his client was not in hiding. We hold that the current PDAF system is ineffective, dysfunctional, un- aligned and unfaithful to the legal mandate, purpose or legislative intent thereof. Gringo Honasan with one. Whatever else lawmakers do, or how they exact commissions from pork funds, are secret, typically paperless transactions.

Association of Colleges and Universities v. The suspect may not had been indentified for now; the witnesses may have opted to shut their mouth and pretend nothing has happened but one certain truth shall prevail- the Filipinos will always be a victim of corruption.

The DOJ had to make sure that in their case-building efforts, there were documentation to support any of the claims against any of the people in the list," she said.

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Tuason, supra note See, also, Integrated Bar of the Philippines v. Public officers and employees must at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency, act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives.

Janet Lim Napoles, the businesswoman linked to an alleged P10 billion fund anomaly involving the “pork barrel” allocations of several lawmakers, is ready to submit herself to investigation, her lawyer said Wednesday. "She is willing to be investigated but at the proper forum,” lawyer Bruce Rivera said at a.

Janet Napoles offered to implicate any legislator in the P10 billion pork barrel scam as long as it gets her off the hook, a former spokesperson of.

In a post titled “Meet girl in extremely-costly lifestyles using some of PB pork barrel of the people?”, Causing accuses Jeanne Lim-Napoles using proceeds from the scam to support her lavish lifestyle. The alleged brains behind the multi-billion pork barrel scam was detained at Camp Crame, where she and her husband, former Marine Major Jimmy Lim, stayed overnight.

On Thursday late evening, Mrs. Napoles was transferred to the Makati City Jail, also with her husband accompanying her.

Ten Billion Peso Pork Barrel Scam Includes Administration Allies in Congress

The principal whistle-blower in the misuse of P10 billion in pork barrel funds is facing arrest following the resolution of theft charges brought against him by the alleged brains behind the scam.

Notice how the term “Pbillion pork barrel scam” has stuck so swiftly and has been repeated again and again in media now? Whoever thought of “the Pbillion figure” is a skilled PR man, with an extensive background in advertising, and fully knowledgeable how certain terms could stick in the public mind.

P10 b pork barrel scam a reflection
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Businesswoman in PB pork barrel 'scam' ready to face probe