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I woke up at five in the morning, thinking about how to manage a bunch of really not very scary eleven-year-olds: I have observed children to be motivated and to learn quickly and noted Pgce reflective journal immensely useful for teachers these resources are.

Human Anatomy and Physiology The human body is a complex collection of systems interacting in a way that allows it to meet the demands of a daily routine. At the heart of our course is a commitment to personalising your journey to Qualified Teacher Status.

Then from late January I'll be back in school for an extended period of teaching practice, which is when the fun really starts. We should with your permission look at the comments in detail and use them as central planks in revising plans for the new course layout.

Twenty-four weeks of this week practical programme are based in school. The university-based part of my course is divided into two aspects of training: My best experience this term has been picking up where I left off with year 8, who squealed with delight when I came back to teach them unlike Years 7 and 10, who groaned.

We all went to different places — ranging from autism units within mainstream schools to pupil referral units for children with extreme behavioural difficulties, and schools for severely disabled children. However, it did not point out the interesting dilemna, as highlighted by Prensky.

This is all very admirable in theory, but in practice it can feel very unfair that 28 children in the class are willing Pgce reflective journal able to work, but are prevented from doing so by the two who are not, and who consume 40 per cent of the teacher's attention.

PGCE academic modules You will complete one assignment in each of the level 7 modules. Secure the professional skills and training needed to operate common laboratory apparatus, such as glassware, microscopy, pH meter, weighing and measuring volumes, pipetting and spectrophotometer.

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With only a week to go until our next half term it felt like this week would never end. I shall re-cap on the lectures and seminar, ask what their impressions of the new arrangements are and indicate further reading. One of the things I find disconcerting is having to constantly shift my expectations of pupils as I move from school to school, and class to class.

This seems to really bring plays alive for students, and allows them to put into practice what they are supposed to comment on in their essays. Can you generalise from opinions of two students. On that basis alone I would not have taken the Pgce reflective journal, so was relieved to be rejected at the last post.

We are being inspected on Wednesday and Thursday, so guess which rookies are not allowed anywhere near a classroom. It demonstrates how the physiological actions of selected organs can be explained by their particular biochemical processes. I am not a missionary, and I recognise that anything I can offer will only make the tiniest impact.

We will examine comparative theory and research on the nature of intelligence, theory of mind, culture, language, cooperation and aggression. Scientific Communication and Professional Skills Secure the scientific and professional skills that are essential for employment in the scientific industry.

Feedback about language, themes and characterisation will be considered. There is a lot of talk around about how the weather and the time of day affect student behaviour, and from what I can work out it's all about extremes: My student colleague — we'll call her Helena — and I have both been dragging ourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn and collapsing on the sofa in the early evening.

In Science the cameras were used to record the stages of bean development in a class experiment and thus were a way of sophisticated record keeping for the class.

I indicated that I would be decreasing the quantity in order to facilitate that deeper consideration. There are five teaching weeks remaining for this module on Modern Irish Language and Literature.

EQA Unit 1

This module builds on the Human Anatomy and Physiology module and looks at the multidisciplinary nature of biomedical science.

Mentors within the schools, and your university tutors, will provide training, support and guidance during the placements. Week 2 — All about behaviour management This week began with a final session in university to prepare for our second school placement.

I asked the students to join with a partner with whom they had interacted very little before.

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Are humans infinitely behaviourally flexible or are we channelled by inherited tendencies from our primate past.

It is also crucial that the curriculum is adapted for the individual needs and abilities of children. I also strongly indicated that the greater emphasis would be on the conveying of meaning, in communicating and less on accuracy and form.

Nevertheless, a question of educational equity arose when a student complained that I had covered this area and supplied notes on it during a class for another module.

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They then read the first chapter of the autobiography to each other. It's been the usual rollercoaster of feelings from buoyant delight when a lesson goes well or a class is won over, to depression and overwhelming exhaustion at the thought of how much we still have to learn.

The battle of following through with sanctions on behaviour seems to be paying dividends: In our discussion of the literary aspects of the book, we examined the final chapter of the book and the deeply religious nature of the language involved.

Resources for the EQA unit. Understanding the principles and practices of externally assuring the quality of assessment. The PGCE is a busy course, so it's important not to make work for yourself.

Do the assignment and hand it in. It's a pass/fail issue, and you won't fail unless you really don't follow the brief. Abstract. An interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a relatively new tool that provides interesting affordances in the classroom environment, such as multiple visualization and multimedia presentation and ability for movement and animation.

Pgce Reflective Journal. RJ2 – Broadening your Experience by working with other Specialists The experience of year 1 PGCE enabled me to understand the importance of understanding how learners need to be enthused by the subject and the context of my teaching.

I recognise although I understand my subject area, as a part-time lecturer, it is beneficial to draw on experiences of lecturers and. In this section you will find my personal reflection points on the PGCE journey so far! Reflection Point 8- EYFS Placement At first I was apprehensive about whether I would be able to transfer my skills in KS2 in the Foundation Stage and whether the EYFS setting would be somewhere I would be able to teach.

Apply now for Kingston University London's Secondary Teaching leading to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) PGCE degree.

This intensive and well-supported year of training will prepare you to teach young people in the age phase. You will also benefit from additional opportunities to develop your ability to teach at sixth-form level.

Pgce reflective journal
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