What tutankhamuns tomb reveals about new kingdom egyptian society essay

Essay: The Tomb of Tutankhamen

Being so intact when Carter made the discovery, the shrine of Tutankhamun gives us a strong indication of the burial practises of the New Kingdom Egyptians. Bibliography Bradley, Pamela,Ancient Egypt: Amenhotep IV was born around B.

A cast was then made of the skull from this data which was used to build a latex model. There was also a wooden shrine covered with thick gold foil, set on a wooden sledge encased with silver leaf, found in the Antechamber of the tomb. Amenhotep IV was raised in a very traditional Egyptian manner.

The purpose of body preparation and mummification in the ancient Egyptians perspective was to assist their Pharaoh into the land of the afterlife. A funerary bed found in the antechamber also sheds light on the religious beliefs of the New Kingdom Egyptians.

Salt Lake City, UT: John Hopkins University Press,51 cf. The principal halts of the journey corresponded almost exactly to the four cardinal points of the delta where these cities were situated. Natural mummies just become dried out in the sun or buried in the ice or get smoked.

The rays of the sun god Aten shine upon the royal couple and endow them with vital energy. It confirms the importance of the king as a hunter by depicting Tutankhamun hunting in a swamp with a boomerang.

This composed of the physical body, the life force, Ka the soul, Ba spiritual intelligence, Akh the shadow and finally a name. She was said to be in her middle age, when she died, but the cause of her death remained a mystery. The entry into the afterlife was hard and without proper preparation by the embalming priests or the controller of the mysteries, the Pharaoh perhaps may not have made it into the afterlife.

After the body was fully bandaged with linen sheets, prayers and spells were inscribed in texts that related to the rebirth of the Pharaoh.

Its annual inundation created fertile lands that supported life. He was a great builderconstructed temples and other monument at Thebes and Karnak, and dedicated them to Amun.

A final CT scan in was conducted to test the conclusions of previous inquiries and to look for additional details still undiscovered. Originally it must have contained a gold statuette of the pharaoh, stolen during one of the two episodes of tomb-robbery which took place in antiquity.

What Tutankhamun’s Tomb Reveals about New Kingdom Egyptian Society Essay Sample

The boomerangs bear the throne name of Tutankhamun, and are decorated with lotus flowers and an udjat eye. Beneath the hands of the King, the two goddesses Nekhbet and Wadjet spread their wings to protect the Pharaoh.

Recently, her mummy has been identified, using a tooth as evidence. With reference to Sources A, B, C and D and other archaeological evidence: Explain what Tutankhamun’s tomb and its contents reveal about the role of a New Kingdom Pharaoh.

The pharaohs ruled the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom.

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There were also much more cultural activities like, the custom of mummification, written language like Hieroglyphics, the use of spices, medicine, and papyrus, which was unique to ancient Egypt.

Evidence of Religion in Tutankhamuns Tomb Essay Sample. The discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb in the early twentieth century provided the world of archaeology with an enormous amount of information about Egyptian lifestyles. What Tutankhamun's Tomb Reveals about New Kingdom Egyptian Society.

Topics: Tutankhamun What tutankhamuns tomb reveals about egypt Essay Explain what information about key elements of Theran society, such as the island’s inhabitants. What tutankhamuns tomb reveals about egypt Essay Explain what Tutankhamun’s tomb reveals about ancient Egyptian daily life and beliefs The discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter with the help of Lord Carnarvon in September provides What Tutankhamun's Tomb Reveals about New Kingdom Egyptian Society Essay.

There are no hidden chambers or undiscovered treasures inside King Tutankhamun’s tomb. The famed boy pharaoh appears to have been buried without any other members of the royal family, according to the findings of a three-year-long radar study of the funeral chamber, according to the .

What tutankhamuns tomb reveals about new kingdom egyptian society essay
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Evidence of Religion in Tutankhamuns Tomb | Essay Example